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We understand there are lots of barriers to overcome when growing an established business with lots of jargon in the design, print, social media and the world of websites. We provide a down to earth, easy to understand and easy to work with approach. We’re here to help you grow.

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Inspirational 1-2-1 Webinars

Inspirational and Motivational 1-2-1 WebinarsMore and more people are looking for guidance and ideas to help them grow their business through design and marketing materials. Time is often of the essence for everybody, finding time for effective meetings can be difficult and it can be a challenge to cut through all the technical jargon.

We've been holding 1-2-1 Inspiration Sessions via skype to business owners who cannot leave their place of work but would love to attract the right customers through creative design, effective websites and guidance with google analytics and social media. This means that whilst we are both in the comfort of our own working environments, we can both focus on your priority for that session to develop amazing ideas and action to be taken.

When and how long are the Webinar Sessions?
I hold these webinars at 10am or 3pm Monday – Friday, please allow up to 2 hours for each session.
So I can fully get to grips with your business, current challenges and we put an action plan together.

Who will hold the Webinar Sessions?
Your individual webinar session will be with Pam Neaves, who will listen and share her business and design knowledge
where required to help you grow your business.

What do I need to prepare beforehand?
If you have some definite outcomes in mind or particular challenge that you're currently facing then Please have any relevant information to hand for the session so that our time is maximised to exploring ideas and moving
Towards a result.

What can I expect from an Inspirational Webinar Session?
Creative ideas, business support and an outsiders point of view on your current marketing challenges, in a relaxed an informal manner. Consider me to be your helpful and friendly pair of eyes and ears providing an alternative viewpoint from 10 years of running my own, successful business.
All sessions are completely confidential and tailored to your business.

What are the charges for Inspirational Webinars with you?
Individual sessions are £246 incuding vat, a vat invoice can be sent if required.

How do I book an Inspirational Webinar?
Type your available day/s in the box below and your preferred time of 10am or 3pm, click the Paypal button to proceed and purchase a session I'll email back with your confimred booking details.

Book your Inspiration session now
for only £246 inc vat

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Training in Birmingham and The West Midlands

Training in Birmingham and The West Midlands

Getting new customers used to be easier, advertising, cold calls and direct mail used to bring business in.

We are bombarded with up to 7,500 pieces of information every day and the answers to our questions can be found instantly thanks to mobile internet. It has become increasingly difficult to be heard as a growing business amongst all that noise and grab the attention of your potential customers.

Technology is changing rapidly, it’s changing where we go to find information, who we trust, how we buy and how we sell.

We help businesses see the positives in these changes, grasp the potential and embrace Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and blogging in a way which enables us to connect with our audiences far easier and much closer than ever before.

All our training has its roots in business and creativity, we'll avoid the technical jargon where possible so that you gain the confidence and know how to use social media to grow your business and expand your creative thinking.




Powerful Online Strategies to Attract the Clients you Want

Powerful Online Strategies to Attract the Clients you WantBespoke training, tailored to your business, workshops to grow your business

  • Use Linked in to gain contacts
  • Build a profile which intrigues and sells
  • Link with the contacts you need and gain business
  • Make the right people aware of your services
  • Become an expert in your field and grow your business
  • Use Facebook to engage the right audience
  • Marketing your services using social media
  • Use Twitter to inform your audience
  • Effective blogging to drive customers to your website
  • Create and monitor an online strategy to grow your busines



Social Media For Success Training & Social Media Training for Recruitment

Powerful Online Strategies to Attract the Clients you WantSocial Media For Success Training & Social Media Training for RecruitmentBespoke training, tailored to your business needs.

  • Discover how Social Media can help grow your business
  • Create a professional Facebook Page for business
  • How to maintain and update your Facebook Pages
  • Create a Twitter Profile Page
  • Learn Tweeting ettiquette and how to build followers
  • Discover how You Tube can promote your business, product or service
  • Learn how all these link together to create a conversation with your audience

See what our clients have to say about our Social Media Training
See what our clients have to say about our Social Media Training.

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Attracting More Business On The Web?



Package One – Website Design Kick Start Training

Package Two - Intermediate Web Design Training


Package Three - Advanced Web Design and Web Sales Skills Training