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Family Run Business - Ian Hazel Funerals

Situation: The Market Research Agency that had been analysing the funeral marketplace for Ian Hazel Funerals selected local design agencies in Sutton, which would be suitable to work alongside the already established family run funeral business to help them promote the business. This involved an initial consultation with FMC to find out what Ian Hazel Funeral’s requirements were.

Outputs: Logo Design, Letterhead, business card, invoice and envelope design, brochure design, folder design, logo for uniforms design, advertisement design, online promotions, Facebook Page Design, Search Engine optimisation and website management, Bereavement Group website design, promotional literature and leaflet design.

Ian Hazel Website Designstationery design, brochure design, folder design

Click here to view the website:www.ianhazelfunerals.co.uk

• Recognisable brand that reflects their family business and company values
• Consistency across all promotional material strengthening the brand
• Strong and informative web presence easy to find in online, local searches
• One point of contact for all marketing materials and design consultancy

Client Feedback:
“Mint Creative delivers what it promises and on time. We have built up a very good understanding and working partnership over the last 12 months or so.”
Ian Hazel Funerals Ltd, Sutton Coldfield, Aldridge, Great Barr, Lichfield, 2010

"From the very first introduction to Pam Neaves at Mint Creative, I knew that she was the person to drive my company image forward. She started by re branding of my company, then took over our website, and modernised it. Everyone who visits it now says how good it is and is very impressed by what she has achieved. She is constantly working on it to ensure we are always high up the rankings and well ahead of our competitors."
Ian Hazel Funerals Ltd, Sutton Coldfield, Aldridge, Great Barr, Lichfield, 2013

The Secret of Our Success

mint_mamint magic - how we work

The Market Research Agency that had been analysing the funeral marketplace for Ian Hazel Funerals selected local design agencies in Sutton, which would be suitable to work alongside the already established family run funeral business to help them promote the business. This involved an initial consultation with the Market Research Company to find out what Ian Hazel Funeral’s requirements were.

I was presented with an extensive document covering the findings of their market research and the important details of this were explained to me. They had discovered that they were potentially losing 30% of customers to local rival business A Hazel Funerals which was formed when part of the family business sold in 1987 this had highlighted the need for a new brand identity to help distinguish the business from it’s competitor and gain repeat recognition from local, potential customers.

After this meeting with the market research company I was asked to commit to a date to present my brand ideas to the owner of the business Ian Hazel.

My initial research into the company involved refining the important information from the extensive market research document, collating marketing materials from existing funerals to discover the styling and visuals they were using to promote this sensitive area of retail business.

Then, the creative ideas began, initially with sketches on paper then developing these ideas on the computer creating digitally drawn visuals in Illustrator representing the care, quality and independence of the business.

In creating the ideas we believe best fit the brief we’ve been given on the computer, we are able to see which ones will work best as a final solution across the required media and marketing materials.

Alongside the visual ideas I created a presentation document to highlight our understanding and the key elements of the brief. This contained our objectives, what the outputs would be for the client and who the team members were that would be collaborating and working on this project, a schedule detailing what would be done and by when to meet the client’s deadline, examples of relevant work we had already created for existing clients with testimonials, a brief explanation of our best ideas so far, what our thoughts were behind those ideas, how we’d see them working across all communications and the ‘mint process’ we use to create all our design work.

Accompanying the presentation document was a breakdown of our charges for each required element and an A3 booklet containing visuals and ideas in their ‘outline’ stages for discussion and input from the client.

At this meeting Ian Hazel reflected upon the ideas and imagery he saw as most suitable to represent his family run business and further ideas, which he thought, would work across his stationery, signage, brochures, advertisements, company uniforms etc.

Further visuals were created and enhanced over the following weeks to fit the newly refined criteria and these were presented at second and third meetings with Ian Hazel.

The final result for Ian Hazel’s brand was a soft and flowing font – almost like handwriting to represent the ‘down to earth’ friendliness of the company. The chosen font used in gold where possible or a bright yellow also has a polished, elegant feel, which I felt suitably represented the high quality of the business represented by the staff and their overall service. It was also decided to include the descriptor lien of ‘a family business since 1987’ and an accompanying emblem of two hands holding/supporting each other along, again in gold with the company strapline “Holding your hand every step of the way”.
We also decided on a navy blue colour, which would host the brand, imagery and strapline to contrast and enable the gold/yellow to stand out where required. We felt this had a friendly, trusting feel to it and was less dismal and obvious than competitors’ use of black as the backdrop for their brands.

We then started creating letterhead layouts, invoice templates, business cards, envelope branding and styling the look of the website, which was to be an online brochure for the company. Reflecting their core values and a helpful source of information on what to do when someone dies, providing useful contact information for flower arrangements, venues and alternative ideas and inspiration for more tailored funerals such as eco friendly or a motorcycle hearse vehicle, making it an easy process for visitors to plan a funeral and cover all the legalities involved when a loved one passes away….fully representing their strapline that they truly are ‘holding your hand every step of the way’




Family Run Business - Ivor Parnham Building Services

Situation: Ivor Parnham are a family run concrete and structural repairs specialist. based in Leicestershire.
Mint Creative Solutions were recommended to them via a longstanding networking contact.
When I first went to meet the client, they had already been in discussions with Yell.com regarding having a website built.
One of the issues they were having with Yell.com was the lack of thought in the visuals they had been presented with, content inaccuracies and they weren’t happy with the impersonal service they were receiving via telephone calls.

Outputs: Logo Refresh, Business Card Design, Digital Stationery Design, Website Design and Build, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Training

Website Design Case Study Mint CreativeBusiness Card Design Family run building company

Click here to view the website: www.ivorparnham.co.uk


• Modern logo to reflect the company image and values
• Business Cards that promote the business and services
• Social media presence and confidence in creating status updates
• A website selling their services 24hrs, 7 days a week
• A website they can update as often as they like
• Website is easily found in search engines by people looking for specialist building services

Client Feedback:

“Pam understood our requirements from our initial meeting and we felt confident she would help us improve our image and improve the website designs we had previously been presented with. Our business is now being found in the search engines and we have a professional website, which everyone thinks is great” Owner, Ivor Parnham Building Services, Coalville, December 2011 – Website Design, Logo Refreshing and Design Consultancy on Marketing Materials

"Pam is a great trainer on Social Media - explains until it's gone in"
Ivor Parnham Building Services, Coalville, March 2012 - Social Media Training

The Secret of Our Success

mint_mamint magic - how we work

We were referred to Ivor Parnham Building Services through a regular networking group we have been a member of since 2011. The member had been asked to recommend a website company and although that person uses a different website company for their own business, they felt that Mint Creative would be better for them.

Upon first meeting Dave and Jackie at Ivor Parnham, I felt that they were lovely people, enthusiastic and motivated for their family run building business to succeed. They had been paying Yell.com a lot of money to advertise their business and they had been approached by Yell.com to produce a website for them. Ivor Parnham felt that Yell.com were charging a lot of money to produce their website and they weren’t happy with the website design they had been shown.

It became obvious that Jackie and Dave would prefer a more personal service and someone who could explain the technical website terms to them in a plain and clear language they understood. I gave them some advice on their existing marketing materials; ways to improve them and how to implement them. I like to visit a potential client in their place of work for the first meeting so that I can gain a full understanding of their business, how they got started and what they wanted to achieve from their website.

They asked me to provide a quotation to provide them with a website solution that they could update themselves and to assist with the leaflet they were currently mailing out to potential new customers.

Ivor Parnham were happy with our ideas defined in our Statement of Work and after paying a 50% deposit we started our discovery phase; researching their competitors, existing customers to gain a broad understanding of their current market place, what makes Ivor Parnham unique and to establish the best way to position them.

Once we were happy with the results of our research we start the creative stage and build several design layouts using Photoshop and Illustrator for their front web page and corresponding sub-page layouts to demonstrate how the menu will enable people to navigate around the website and how we envision the rest of the pages will look. This layout is then shown to the rest of the design team and the web programmers who suggest further developments to make the build process and customer experience as simple as possible.

It is at this stage once the developments have been completed that Ivor Parnham are presented with the visual. This is usually in a face-to-face meeting, where timeframes will allow, so refinements can be discussed and ideas developed to ensure that they are happy with the styling of the web pages and it matches their objectives. It’s easier for us to make changes at this stage when the design is flat rather than further down the line when the web programmer starts the build process adding in required coding and coded style sheets to suit the chosen layouts.




Family Run Business - Hopkins Shoes

Hopkins Shoes are a family run shoe retailer in Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield. They provide comfortable shoes for the older generation, for those needing wider fitting footwear or have a medical condition with their feet that means they require specialist footwear.

For years they haven’t had much high street competition but they realised that there was an increasing demand for online footwear sales and some of their customers travel a long way to purchase from them.

They came to us in 2012 from a recommendation from their print supplier and asked us to provide a quote for their online sales requirements so they could sell Padders shoes alongside their current sales from their retail shop.

Outputs: Online shop website design, Search Engine Optimisation.

Hopkins Shoes Website Designsearch engine optimisation

Click here to view the website: www.hopkins-shoes.co.uk

• Online shop open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week in-keeping with the brands they sell
• Easily found in the search for local shoppers and UK wide
• Modern appearance appealing to their target audience

Client Feedback: "I have to say that I love it. Everything is as clean & concise as I'd envisaged The website certainly attracts more visitors to the shop which more than justifies what we pay for search engine optimisation." Hopkins Shoes, Wylde Green Sutton Coldfield

The Secret of Our Success

mint_mamint magic - how we work

After an initial meeting to discuss the requirements of the website and we had sent our 'Statement of Work' we got the go ahead from Hopkins Shoes, we started looking at the background of the brands they supply as well as their competitors. From understanding their current marketplace and what made them different we began creating design ideas for the website. They already had an existing brand they used on their shop front and on plastic bags that are given when shoes are purchased so this had to be taken into account. We felt that their current logo in black needed to change slightly for web use in keeping with the brands they sell. It was decided that a brown tone would work well, representing the quality leather shoes they sold and would work better with the cream, brown and white colour scheme we had created for their online shop.

Our client liked the layout and got lots of positive feedback from existing footwear suppliers that it was a modern style that accurately represented the quality of footwear and in addition would be pleasing for their audience and new customers visiting the website.

Once the main pages of the website were in place and our client supplied the text and photographic images for the information pages of the website we were able to fill out the pages with appropriate content.

The shoe products themselves were sent to us as a CD of images and an excel spreadsheet of product information, prices and sizes. This information was added to the back end, content management system and the appropriate images uploaded for customers to view.

With a content management system on the back of the website the client is able to update and modify all the text, images and products on the website whenever they want to. However we ended up completing the product, updates and website information for the client in this case as their shop is constantly busy and they couldn't find the time to do it themselves.




Expanding Business - Central Construction Training

Situation: Central Construction Training had been in business for a year, had experienced great success and growth in this year and had hurriedly got a website built when they started but as most busy businesses find they hadn’t touched their website since their launch. Consequently their website was now out of date, contained stock images which didn’t reflect their values and the text didn’t demonstrate the changes that had occurred over that time.

We had been recommended to CCT from the printer that they already used to design and produce their brochures and stationery. CCT had been talking to a couple of other companies about having a website redesigned but had felt that these companies were offering a set solution that was inflexible and overpriced.

Outputs: Website, Facebook Business Page Design, Twitter Page Design

construction training company web design

Click here to view the website: www.centralconstructiontraining.co.uk

• A website promoting their construction training courses 24hrs, 7 days a week
• A website with news and special offers pages they can update as often as they like
• Website is easily found in search engines by people looking for a construction training company
• Modern website design inkeeping with company changes and appealing to their target audiences
• Easily recognisable social media pages inkeeping with teh style of the website

Client Feedback: "It has been a pleasure to work with Mint Creative.The company  approach is friendly and the service is outstanding.They not only provide exceptional quality in the studio but they add to this by providing a personal touch to their service by spending time with their clients to gain a bespoke knowledge of their business.
Our business has already benefited from their services and we are confident we will continue to grow with their marketing expertise. I could not recommend them more." Director - Central Construction Training Ltd

The Secret of Our Success

mint_mamint magic - how we work

At the first meeting with this company I met one of the business owners and we discussed their requirements and what they needed their website to do for them. They had a very clear idea of the kind of layout and functionality their website would need to appeal to two separate audiences; construction businesses to develop their staff and potential construction students. The website would need to be easy to navigate, provide immediate contact information, enquiry forms and quickly guide visitors to the information they would require.

In planning for the quotation, we laid out a sitemap for all the courses and information required, we discovered that the amount of pages required was much more than their original estimation, upon querying this and to fit their budget it was agreed to cut the number of pages down. The final site plan set out how the viewers would navigate around the website to find the information they require. The key elements to this being a success was to have a link back to the home page on every page, a sub menu to appear on all pages after the front page, contact information to be prominent and a suitable search facility so all information can be found easily.

The client had provided a list of competing construction training companies as well as companies they aspire to be like, so I had some good source points to get a feel for the construction industry, extract the good points/ideas for content and dismiss anything I felt was irrelevant or not required. We looked into the construction Training market place to see what others offering on their website and how they provided information for their potential trainees.

The client provided a sketch of how they wanted the front page to look, which we used as a basis for our design, styling individual social media and contact icons to fit
with their existing branding and colour scheme. The final design we presented to our client we felt suited the clients’ requirements after producing several versions, which we felt didn’t hit the spot.
I requested pdfs of CCT’s existing stationery and brochure from the printer who produced them and I used these to incorporate into the web page layout using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to develop the more solid shapes I needed.

The team at Central Construction Training loved our design with a few amendments to the button titles and text, we started to export the graphics and build the front page. Whilst this was under construction, we created a sub page layout to give the client a feel for what the page content would look like after the viewer has entered the website and how we intended to break up the text with subtitles, links for further information, graphics and photographs.

Text was emailed to us from Central Construction Training for each page as separate Word documents, this made it easy for us to know what information was to go on each page. We suggested relevant Stock images, which would pad out the tailored illustrations and the ones to be provided from a photo shoot after their new construction training centre had been built.

The client loved our sub page visual and our styling of the graphics for that page so this design was created for each of the sub pages on the website. We then started adding the content.

At this stage we are constantly testing the website and improving anything we feel would enhance the user’s experience or improve the look of a page.

The website went live as soon as the client was happy with the content, google analytics is added so the website’s performance, future marketing campaigns and how people are finding the website can be monitored.