Here's what our clients say about our training courses:Revitalise and Refresh Your Brand with Your Personality and Your Values

Revitalise and Refresh Your Brand with Your Personality and Your Values
What does your brand say about your business? Is it as exciting and colourful as your business ideas? Does it reflect your personality, your values, and your passion? Will it make you stand out in a crowd? Does it balance the design that you want with a brand that communicates the right message to your ideal customer.

“The more of the person that is reflected in their branding, the more powerful the marketing message and the more ideal customers will connect and buy from them. We work with who we love to work with and it shows” – The Business Beautician.

When it comes to your brand, you don’t want to be subtle, you need to project some serious personality if you are going to engage stakeholders and convert sales.

What is your brand vision?

In other words, how do you want your business and brand to be perceived by your customers and stakeholders?

Who are you? What are your values and your passions?

We talk about our values all the time, but do you integrate your values into your company brand? A value denotes something that has a degree of importance for us e.g. family, friends, integrity, and good conduct. When we make important decisions in life we refer to our value system. Consider what makes you most happy in life and what drives you. Draw up your list of values and then prioritise them.

What are you passionate about?

List your passions and divide them into professional e.g. technology and personal e.g. having time to bath your children and read to them each night before they go to sleep, so you can determine the activities that give you the most reward in life. It is important that you experience passion in your professional as well as personal life. A passion should intrigue you and excite you. Your passions and values will determine where you want to be in the next 5-10 years.

What Are Your Personality Traits and What Are Your Ideal Personality Traits?

We have all heard of the Big Five personality traits:

  • Openness to experience
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

You can take personality tests, which will enable you to discover your personality make-up, but it might be also beneficial to view where you want to be, for instance, if you are not an organised person, this may become an ideal trait to aim for and to include in your brand.

Another way to look at your own personality and values is according to an approach popularized by Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson in their seminal book The Hero and The Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes.

The Hero and The Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes.

Where do you and your business brand fit? If you were positioning Richard Branson’s Virgin brand, it would be “Rebel”.

Visualise and Personify Your Brand

Have fun discovering what your brand should represent. An exercise that is often used by branding specialists is What Car/Celebrity/Animal would you be? Describe them in as much detail as possible. What traits, values, passions do they have? What do they look like, sound like? Are they male/female, young/old?

Make a list of adjectives e.g. conservative vs progressive, professional vs casual, thrifty vs affluent………
This process may also unveil some brand gaps, which is useful in identifying consistency across all your marketing tools, for instance, your latest podcast may be really fun and forward-thinking, but your website may come across as conservative and staid.

“Branding essentially is about people’s emotions” ( It is about consumer perceptions and feelings. Your brand has to connect with your stakeholders. Does yours? Look at your brand today and where you want it to be in the future. Defining your company brand will help all aspects of your business, not just in terms of a consistent brand message across all marketing communications, (shop, signage, uniforms, policies and procedures, stationery, packaging, email footers………) but in terms of how your staff perceive the brand and company (they are stakeholders too) and even HR will become clearer on the types of employees the company is looking for. Your brand will have an effect on every department, every process.

“A brand is the communications strategy that helps you communicate your passion and expertise” – Jennifer Bourn, Bourn Creative.

Want to switch from a logo to a brand, or to review your current branding? By working with you on your vision, values, personality and customer needs, Mint Creative Solutions Ltd can help you shape your brand and develop a logo that is part of your brand strategy.

Pam Neaves, Design Consultant
Refresh Your Business
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Here's what our clients say about our training courses:Brand Identity vs Company Logo

  1. A brand is often seen as interchangeable with a company logo. Brands are intangible promises made tangible through recognisable signs.
  2. There are two sides to branding: strategy and creative.
  3. A logo is purely for identification of a business.
  4. A brand is the emotion behind what someone feels, sees and tastes when they interact with your company on any level. At the core, branding is an emotional experience (
  5. Logos should be memorable, simple, timeless, versatile and appropriate.
  6. A brand encompasses the positioning, the messaging and communications, the visual design, the target market, the voice, the marketing and promotions, the presence, and the experience any individual has with the business, product or service online, offline, or in person.
  7. Your brand should be consistent throughout your company from your marketing communications to your department policies and procedures.
  8. Branding goes far deeper than the visual representation. A good brand is connected to communication and a positive experience for your stakeholders – internal and external.
  9. Your brand, not your logo, will set you apart from the competition.
  10. If you cover up the logo on all of your marketing materials, can you still tell it is your brand? Even without a logo, brand consistency will communicate to your client who they are doing business with. Think Virgin, Starbucks, Apple, Hollister!

Pam Neaves, Design Consultant
Refresh Your Business
Powerful strategies for online and printed communication





Our Top 10 Mint Hints for using Social Media, Facebook and Twitter

Mint's Top Tips for Social Networking @ Work Social networking can help with building online communities and interacting with new and potential customers – smaller companies can especially benefit from social networking, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or even YouTube.
See our Top Tips on how social networking at work can grow your business:

  • Allocate a small team (or one member if you’re a small company) to be in control of all the social networking. You can keep control of what offers or information is posted.
  • Make sure the people in charge of the social networking for your business are trained on the correct use of all programs. This way you won’t have the risk of posting information that could potentially harm your business’ reputation.
  • Try not to be too formal with your posts. Listen to what people are saying about your business and related subjects and talk to them like you would a friend. “Friends don’t ‘pitch’ friends on social networks – they converse”
  • Admit your mistakes; everybody makes them and showing your customers that you do too confirms that you are human.
  • Reply to people’s comments as quickly as possible. The quicker you can respond a current or potential client’s question the less time they have to go somewhere else for the answer.
  • Use social networking to start conversations with your clients, posts interesting facts about subjects that relate to your business. Ask questions; give people the opportunity to give their opinions and let them tell you what they want from your business.
  • Use your business page’s analytics systems to see what your fans/customers are responding to the most. Employ this useful information to encourage more people to interact with your business.
  • Start building relationships with your clients, - current and potential. Also with other businesses, give advice (if its valuable) and you will find they will return the favour.
  • Upload photos of your company and happy (but professional) people that work there. Customers like to see a business that works well together; it encourages them to want to work with the people they see in the photographs.
  • Don’t overload your followers. Update and post information little and often but excessive amounts of posts can deter customers as they feel like you are being “spammy”. Remember they can delete or de-friend your business page.

    Pam Neaves, Design Consultant
    Refresh Your Business
    Powerful strategies for online and printed communication





Here's what our clients say about our training courses:Here's what our clients say about our tailored, Facebook and Twitter 1-2-1 coaching sessions for business owners:

"Pam is a great trainer on Social Media - explains until it's gone in"
Ivor Parnham Building Services, Coalville, March 2012 - Social Media Training

"Pam provides clarity in this ever-changing world of social media. She's left me enthused to get out there!"
Nina Smith Wines, The Wine Wise Company, Sutton Coldfield, March 2012 - Social Media Training

"Very useful introduction to a complex area, explained in a manner that made things seem far simpler"
"Great introduction to web design"
"A good introduction to dreamweaver and latest web design techniques"
"I found this web design course very useful as a refresher course and a good starter into Dreamweaver, which I have never used before"
Walsall Council, Print Department January/February 2012 - Web Design Training

"Helpful and professional approach offering useful and positive assistance."
"Very clear, precise and knowledgable presentation."
"A very beneficial workshop with the right level of instruction and enthusiasm to help us move forward."
"Very practical workshop, much for us to follow up on."
The Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club, Bristol, October 2011 - Social Media Training

"A Great insight into how to connect with today's society for greater business benefit, Many Thanks."
"Excellent, well presented and delivered with practical 'hands on' Marvellous"
"Thank you for your patience and understanding"
"Excellent intro into Social Networking and how it can be used in business"
"Interactive and Informative"
Sumitomo, HR and IT team, Social Media Training, September 2011 - Social Media Training

"Feel like I've known Pam for years, which helps when it's my first leap into the social networking world. Very informative and easy to understand."
Eagles Consultancy, Childcare Training, Sutton Coldfield, August 2011 - Social Media Training

"Pam's a good listener who prompts your creativity/ideas and analyses in a positive way."
Cassy Kindly, Creative Writer, Leicestershire, August 2011 - Marketing Training

"A great personal service, useful to relate all of the online digital marketing tools to our business needs."
S4Swim, Swimming School, Birmingham, August 2011 - Social Media Training

"A Professional, easy to follow and constructive session to bring consistency and branding into my social media pages"
Your Business Centre, Serviced Office Centre, Tamworth, July 2011 - Social Media Training

"Thanks Pam! You've got me more organised in the social networking scene and I have a clearer understanding of this now."
Louise Claire Creative Workshops, Solihull, July 2011 - Social Media Training

"I have just had an extremely helpful and informative session with mint creative solutions and would highly recommend their help to forward your business"
Shaw Lane Flowers, Bridal Flowers, Lichfield, April 2011 - Marketing Training

"Pam's workshop was absolutely fantastic - extremely useful and informative, delivered in a friendly and relaxed environment. Having the time to set
up all social media outlets and linking them all up together. Here's to tweeting!!"
Meta4 Ltd, Sutton Coldfield, January 19, 2011 - Social Media Training

"I hired Pam and she produced some great results, very pleased with the outcome and would have no hesitation in recommending her for social media training."
Positive Solutions, Independant Financial Adviser, Sutton Coldfield, January 16, 2011 - Social Media Training

Here's what our attendees say about our 'Making Facebook and Twitter Work For Your Business' group workshops

“This informative workshop answered a myriad of questions I had. It was excellent value for money and I can’t wait for the next one.”

“Tweeting to grow my business for beginners – just what I needed. Can’t wait to get started. Great workshop.”

“What a tremendous 2 hrs whizzed by!! Excellent presentation. Very useful – would and will recommend to others.”

“Excellent business help especially for small business and starter businesses.”

“I loved the workshop. Really good, informative and friendly”

“Very informative workshop in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”

“Great content and knowledge. Friendly and welcoming!! Thank you!!”

" A wonderfully relaxed and informal workshop environment to help you feel more at ease in your learning and development.”

“The Making SM Work for You” course was well thought out. It delivered a lot of vital information in a short time frame with the added benefit of a 1-1 mop session.

“Know how to create a FB and twitter page with confidence and how to target my specific audience.”

'Excellent hands on workshop, now raring to go'

"I have a much better understanding of Twitter now. A very informative morning."

"For the first time I feel I have the confidence to use Twitter. Thank you so much."

Twitter Workshop Feedback

"Really interesting to learn how a social tool can also benefit my business. Engaging and enjoyable. Need to know more about: Facebook"
David Nash 0121 373 7873

"Very helpful course to find out on the day how twitter can promote the business."

"A great morning spent learning me to like twitter and its advantages to my business."

"Relaxed atmosphere. Bite sized blocks of information. If you know nothing about Twitter, this is a great place to start."



Here's what our clients say about our design and marketing:Here's what our clients say about our website design and marketing materials:

"I am John Birt, a Sales Consultant who was employed by Black Box Controls to take their newly developed Audio Access Controller (A2C) to market.

Part of my role was to review their website and company image before we started our promotions. I recommended that they update their website content and adopt a new company brand and logo.

I got to know Pam Neaves from Mint Creative Solutions through a number of Business Networking events we attended. A number of my other contacts had used Pam and her work had been recommended to me.

Pam was the ideal person for me to introduce to Black Box. She got to know the client and came up with many good ideas, advice and several designs for the logo. These were adopted and used in our marketing campaigns.

I can highly recommend Pam and Mint Creative Solutions."

John Birt, Sales


"From the very first introduction to Pam Neaves at Mint Creative, I knew that she was the person to drive my company image forward. She started by re branding of my company, then took over our website, and modernised it. Everyone who visits it now says how good it is and is very impressed by what she has achieved. She is constantly working on it to ensure we are always high up the rankings and well ahead of our competitors."
Ian Hazel – Ian Hazel Funerals

"It has been a pleasure to work with Mint Creative.
The company  approach is friendly and the service is outstanding.
They not only provide exceptional quality in the studio but they add to this by providing a personal touch to their service by spending time with their clients to gain a bespoke knowledge of their business.
Our business has already benefited from their services and we are confident we will continue to grow with their marketing expertise.
I could not recommend them more."

Director - Central Construction Training Ltd

"Since Pam took on the Search Engine Optimisation for my driving school, my diary has been full to overflowing. I no longer worry if someone drops out because there's always another client trying to get in"
Ann Moyes – Abacus Driving School, May 2013

"Pam at Mint Creative designed my business logo when I first set up. She was quick to understand what message I was looking to convey, and developed a really strong logo and visual. Since then Pam has been working with my business 6 years on, developing my website and PR materials. A service you can truly rely on. Really Love the work you provide. Always fresh, innovative and exciting. Would and always do continue to promote you!"
Meta4 Coaching and Training, March 2013

"You have done an awesome job on both my branding and website design. Mint Creative Solutions exceeded my expectations, listened to my requirements and were able to successfully brand my export consultancy. I am extremely happy."
James O'Toole AMIEx (CITA) Managing Director, O'T Strategic Services, February 2013

"Having met Pam, she really has filled me with confidence. She is so friendly, informative and very helpful. She goes that extra mile and guides you in the right direction, I am looking forward to working with Pam in the future. Thank you." Nina Smith Wines, February 2012

"I hired Pam (and Mint Creative) to work with Meta4 to improve our website in order to grow with both external and internal changes. Mint Creative work tirelessly to meet with my requirements, making sure that I, as the client is always happy. Pam is excellent at interpreting (sometimes vague!) ideas and seeing them through to fruition. She is great at creating new concepts; ensuring that my business and web presence is the best it possibly can be. I cannot recommend Pam highly enough. If you want to start seeing excellent results and an excellent return on your investment, then contact Pam at Mint Creative."
Meta4 Ltd, Coaching and Presentation Skills, January 2012

“The Team at Mint rapidly turned round a dynamic poster and tickets to help publicise a fund-raising concert. They were friendly and extremely approachable at all times."
Leonard Cheshire Disability, Greenacres Cheshire Home, October 2011

"First impressions – Loooooove it!! You do so well at interpretation!
Great work Mint, it’s mint!!"

Meta4 Ltd, Coaching and Presentation Skills, October 2011

"Pam has assisted me with website services and publicity material for some years. I have appreciated her creative spirit and she is very good to work with. Her enthusiasm is infectious!"
Chapman Higgs, Financial Planning, Lichfield, July 2011

"Pam quickly helped me get to the core issues of promoting my business and effectively guided me towards focussed actions."
Escential Health, Lichfield, June 2011

"I would like to say a big thank you for designing and printing my letterheads for me. I think you will agree, they do look very good!
Thank you for the work you and your team have done in recreating my logo and assessing my requirements. I would not hesitate to use the services of Mint Creative Solutions in the future and will recommend Mint to others."

The service, speed and professionalism of Mint are second to none!
Acorn IT Services Ltd, Software Developer, Dudley, West Midlands, April 2011

“Pam Neaves of Mint Creative was given responsibility for the redesign and production of the Charitable Trust’s Annual Review in 2008. Whereas previous Reviews had been produced in-house to an adequate but amateurish standard, with Pam’s guidance, we were able to develop a very professional brochure that is much admired and is the envy of other, similar, organisations.

Pam has now produced three Annual Reviews for the Trust, all subtly different in appearance yet, at the same time, each managing to reflect the corporate style which she has developed for us. Using the Annual Review as a template, Pam has been recently been asked to redesign our Website and we are delighted with the initial results.

Apart from being impressed by Pam’s excellent creative skills, we have been also been pleased with her willingness to work closely with us and listen to and improve upon our own ideas when required.

We are very happy to commend her work to any organisation wishing to use modern communication methods to advertise or promote its work.”
Ernie Murray, Clerk to the Trustees, Sutton Coldfield Municipal Charities, Sutton Coldfield, February 22, 2011

"Mint creative solutions designed and built a tailored website and got it to the top of search engine rankings. This has Increased business recognition, sales and enquiries. Mint creative provided a friendly service that listens."
Auto Diagnostic Specialist, Mobile Car Servicing and Repairs, Sutton Coldfield, February 2, 2011

“I’m very happy with my logos, leaflets and stationery design as they are ‘fresh’, appealing and to a very high standard!”
Care Companions, Sutton Coldfield 2010

“Mint have provided a comprehensive service for us over the last 4 years. They have produced our branding, design, stationery, banner, newsletters and are developing our new website.

We have a great image and strap line which impresses our potential clients and brings us in work. We have brought together 2 businesses and the clients are being cross referred. They feel we are a sizeable professional firm which the work Mint has done has achieved”

Financial Management Solutions, Sutton Coldfield, March 3, 2010

“Mint Creative delivers what it promises and on time. We have built up a very good understanding and working partnership over the last 12 months or so.”
Ian Hazel Funerals Ltd, Sutton Coldfield, Aldridge, Great Barr, Lichfield, 2010

“Pam is dynamic in her ideas and creativity. She does not need to think out of the box because she is not in one! She approaches her work in a refreshing and unique way and always delivers results that surprise and delight you.

I recommend Pam to anyone looking to change their corporate image, diversify or gain new clients. Her work is always fresh, new and inspiring.”
Synergy 4 Business Ltd, Redditch, November 17 2009

“I have worked with Pam for 3 years, During this time she has designed many posters for my fashion shows and events. Pam is highly respected in the business comunity and is a great contact to have. I would highly recommend Pam”
Esther Marie, Sutton Coldfield, January 23, 2009

“I have known Pam through networking circles for a few years, and having seen her work, I didn't hesitate to ask for her help when I needed a corporate logo designing.

Pam came up with about half a dozen highly creative options to work from, and this was boiled down to a couple to 'progress' further. She was, and is, highly professional at all times, and everything was done swiftly, creatively, and ethically at a fair price and with a minimum of fuss.I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to freshen up their corporate image.”

Instigate Teletraining, Birmingham, 2007

"Mint Creative listened to our needs from the start and helped us out with what the prospectus should contain and how we could best appeal to prospective students."
Marketing Manager, Calderdale College, Calderdale, West Yorkshire

“I got my first flyer on Wednesday and got so excited! Just wanted to let you all know that I’m still not sure I can say how wonderful I think it is!! I hand-delivered one to everyone on Wednesday and they all agreed it was the most gorgeous flyer! Well done you all - a job most definitely very well done! Absolutely bee-you-ti-ful!"
Cultural Festivals and Events Development Co-ordinator, The Black Country

“Pam is a joy to work with. She delivers ahead of deadline, patiently puts up with client delays and indecisions, offers creative and highly intelligent input - and produces wonderful designs that are not only suited to purpose but are innovative, fresh and visually stunning. I look forward to working with her again.”
KFV Consulting, Middlesex

“Pam’s really thoughtful as well as extremely creative. Her research skills are admired - she gets to know a client’s business probably better than they do.”
The Wordsmith, Copywriter, West Midlands




11 Tips to help you attract more customers - 1st June 2012

Our Top 6 Mint Hints for 'Making Your Website
Work Harder for Your Business'

1. Do people look for my services online?
Using ‘Google’s Keyword Planner' you can see what people are searching for online in relation to your business. Even if most of your business is done face to face or by referral, potential customers will more than likely visit your website to check out your history and credibility in your field. Think of your website as a 24hr brochure or shop front which will constantly be promoting you even whilst you’re asleep.

2. I have a website but it doesn’t bring me any business?
Your website is an important cog in your marketing engine and cannot work solely on it’s own. Ask yourself these following questions and if you answer ‘no’ to any of them then get some advise from a website expert to find out why your marketing isn’t driving people to your website.
Does my website look professional and trustworthy?
Is it being found for the search terms my potential customers will be using?
Is it easy for people to contact me from my website?
Is my website address on all my marketing communications?
Am I promoting my website on other relevant directories and websites?
Is there a reason for people to contact me from my website?

3. How will people find my website?
When people type a question or phrase into the Google search engine, Google responds with the most relevant web pages for your search. Website optimisation ensures that your website content and coding contains as many of these popular phrases relevant to your products or service.

4. How do I know if people are searching the internet for me?
Once your website is launched you can track how your website is performing in the Google rankings through Google analytics or your web hosting company may supply their own version of statistics. It’s important that you monitor and understand these on a regular monthly basis as they will tell you which pages are the most popular, what keywords people are using to find you and which websites are driving traffic to yours.

5. Should I launch my website even if it’s not perfect?
Yes Yes Yes, treat your website as a constant beta test, the sooner your website is submitted to the search engines, the sooner it will be seen and ranked. The beauty of it being on the internet is that it can be changed relatively easily – especially if you have a content management system, which will allow you to make changes yourself. Get it online, monitor it’s progress and adapt and change your content according to the results.

6. What do the statistics and analytics mean?
They can be a bit absorbing and overwhelming, we dedicate entire days to monitoring website’s progress and adapting content to ensure your website is high up in the search rankings. We’re happy to explain the content of the analytics to you and the important points to keep track of as part of your website review. Book on an Inspirational and Motivational webinar and we'll show you how to understand what Google Analytics is telling you about your website and its content.
Ideally, we would like to speak to you in person so we can fully understand your business and the personality that drives it.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @mintycreative and Facebook for unique offers, tips and promotions.

Visit our website to discover what our clients have to say about us: or drop us an email for any specific questions we haven’t covered

Pam Neaves, Design Consultant
Refresh Your Business
Powerful strategies for online and printed communication




Creating Successful enewslettersOur 10 Top Mint Hints for 'Creating Successful Enewsletters'

  1. Appeal to the viewer
    Include images to make your e-newsletter appealing to the viewer. Avoid ‘dated images’ Link images/graphics to your website. Your enewsletter should be designed with the viewer in mind, images should be up to date and relevant, reflect the message you are communicating and should naturally fit in with your branding and company personality.

  2. Ensure all images have ‘alt tags’
    Unless your recipient requests to download images, they will not be seen.
    You should ensure all the images in your enewsletter have ‘alt tags’ otherwise blank boxes with red ‘x’s will be shown.

    Labels called ‘alt tags’ are also for people who are visually impaired and use ‘screen readers’ to read out the content to them. Legally If your images do not have ‘alt tags’ you can be accused of discrimination. (This goes for websites too)

    Avoid Flash animations in enewsletters and remember animated gifs will only be viewed as static images in Outlook 7.

  3. Maintain Brand Consistency
    It should be clear which company the e-newsletter is from and your logo must be clear and not blurred or pixellated.
    Use professional graphics programmes such as Photoshop or iIlustrator if possible. Or if your designer has supplied the graphics then scale down rather than stretch the images. Where possible mimic the style and colours of your website so that when viewers link through they can be certain that they are dealing with the same business. Design a template that you can use each time for your enewsletters to save time and stick to it so receivers recognise you have sent it.

  4. Use sans serif fonts
    Use fonts such as such as Arial/Verdana, which everyone has on their computers. Using obscure or fonts you have purchased or downlaoded, may look good on your computer but these will default to alternatives, which you have no control over on other peoples’ computers. If your brand requires certain fonts then create these elements as images within your newsletter to maintain consistency.

  5. Keep text clear and easy to read
    Provide viewers with clear, attention grabbing headings and brief paragraphs of information then provide links (Preferably to your own website’ for more detail.) Answer your viewers questions to build trust and rapport but avoid ‘techno-speak’ and ‘what we do’ your viewers are looking to be educated by your knowledge. Avoid any graphics behind your main articles and there is sufficient contrast between the text and the background it sits against to ensure your enewsletter is easily read.

  6. Express the ‘voice of your company’
    Ensure the content is in the ‘voice’ of your company, if you are the person they will be contacting then start to build that rapport with them as soon as possible and include a photo of yourself in your enewsletter if you’re comfortable in doing so.

  7. Check and double check
    Always send a copy to yourself and someone else to check over, keep the message positive, check spellings, ensure all links work, images are named and download correctly. It is advisable to check how your e-newsletter previews on an apple mac and a pc and there are inconsistencies.

  8. Prominent contact details
    Make your phone number and email link prominent on your enewsletter. Have separate ones if possible to monitor where your leads are coming from.

  9. Email marketing is 10% IT and 90% marketing!
    Yes you have to get the IT right but in the end the receiver doesn't care about all that. What they do care about is what you've got to say. So the content of your enewsletter is the most important element. If you think your enewsletter isn't generating any business or you're not sure how you can monitor its success, then book onto our £50 review and we'll help you sort it out on 0121 636 0900.

  10. Keep it up!
    Keep your business ‘name’ in front of your customers with regular contact. Especially in uncertain times, if they don’t hear from you, you may be forgotten. If you claim it’s going to be a monthly enewsletter then book time aside each month to write one and send it out. If time’s going to be an issue then better to make it quarterly or be honest and say "sign up for occasional updates and useful information.
    Want to improve your enewsletter, or discuss ideas for an online campaign?
    Ideally, we would like to speak to you in person so we can fully understand your business and the personality that drives it.

Book your £50 marketing review to find out how you can make enewsletters work harder for you to create more quality leads on 07977 929 690.

Live outside of Birmingham and The West Midlands? We can still talk face to face via Skype, isn’t technology wonderful? Call us for our Skype name and to book your review time.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @mintycreative and Facebook for unique offers, tips and promotions.

Pam Neaves, Design Consultant
Refresh Your Business
Powerful strategies for online and printed communication




Dictionary of Terms Dictionary of Terms

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Advertising - Raising awareness about your business or service through marketing campaigns.
Animated gif – A simple animated sequence produced for the web, which doesn’t need a Flash Player to view it.
App - software application created to build brand awareness and add value to the customer experience.

Bleed – An image overlap on your document (Usually 3mm or 5mm), which prevents any white edges when the printer crops the print.
Blog - Online diary of events and thoughts published on a web page, which can be personal or business related.
Branding - Your company image and the way you are perceived to your customers, projected in all your marketing.
Brochure Website - A website, which is used as an online brochure to promote your business or services.
Browser - A program, which allows you to visit websites ont he internet.Google is the most commonly user browser.

Content Management System (CMS) - database driven websites, which enable you to update information without any technical knowledge.
Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) - lets you manage information you hold about clients and contacts and share it with colleagues.
CMYK - The standard 4 colours used by printers, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.Together they make almost every colour.

Digital Printing - reproduction of digital images on a physical surface. It is generally used for short print runs, and for the customisation of print media.
Direct Mail - Promotional material sent out to targeted markets.
Domain name – the website address to access your website on the internet: www.etc
Download - If you are downloading information, you are transferring it from the internet or a network onto a computer.

E-commerce - An electric commerce website is a website enabling customers to buy online.
Encrypt - To write data in code so that it can't be read by hackers or anyone else when sent over the internet.
E-newsletters - electronic flyer sent to client's inboxes.
Exhibitions - Large events, where you can rent a stand to promote your business.

Facebook - incredibly powerful social media marketing tool, very addictive and fun for keeping an eye on people ;)
Firefox - A web browser established in Juy 2003, which we're a big fan of.
Firewall - A program that acts as a wall between your computer and the internet, helping to prevent viruses and hackersgetting onto your computer.
Flash Animation – Websites or animations produced using a program called Flash, produces some nice animated effects but not good for being seen in the search engines. Viewers need to download a Flash Player to view it.
Friday Nights - Officially 'Going to The Pub' Night.
FTP - File Transfer Protocol is a way of transferring files to or from an internet server. This is how we upload web pages to the internet.

Geek - A fore-shortening of 'computer geek' used to describea person who spends all their time in front ofand communicating through a computer.
Google Ad Words - Pay per click targeted advertising on Google.
Google Analytics - Essential bit of kit online to see how your website is performing and how people are finding you.
Google Keyword Tool - Great for seeing what the most popular search terms are in your line of business.
Google Places - Add your business to this website for free and get your place on the map.

High resolution 300dpi (dots per inch) images produced at this resolution are suitable for printing usage.
Homepage - The first page of any website.
HTML - (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) The coding language used to create and code websites.
http - Hyper Text Transfer Protocolis the language computers use to send pages over the internet. Almost all website address starts with http://.
Hyperlink - A link from one web page to another or from one part of a webpage to another. Hue is the name given to a colour family. It is the relative position of a colour to the other colours on the wheel.

Internet - A vast network of computers that evolved from the ARPANET of the late 60s and 70s.
IP address - An Internet Protocol addressis an unique number given to each device connected to the internet.
ISP - Internet Service Provider. A company which provides you with a connection to the internet eg Virgin media, talk talk etc.
iPad - An incredible piece of gadgetry produced by Apple to make all those without one envious.

Jpeg - A type of file for compressed images. These files will be called something.jpg.


Low Resolution 72dpi (dots per inch) images produced at this resolution are suitable for websites and on screen
Landing pages - Web pages, which have been optimised with key word, to assist page ranking in the search engines.

Mail Server - A program that receives email messages and distributes them to the correct addresses. The backbone of an email system.
Margin - the area left around a document to ensure it doesn’t get cropped when the printer cuts down to size.
Marketing Mix - A mixture of marketing methods used to promote your business.
Microsites - Webpages containing optimised text and key words created specifically to drive more traffic to your website.

Networking - Organised meetings, which enable you to build contacts and trust with potential customers, suppliers and service providers.
Not working - officially known as a day off.

Opacity - the level of transparency of an image or graphic, decreasing the opacity increases the amount you can see through it.

Pantone Colour - Colour references used by printers to ensure you get the correct colour.
Paper Based Marketing - Printed promotional material eg leaflets, postcards, brochures.
Public Relations PR - Managing the flow of information between a business and the public/customers.
Pdf - Stands for Portable Document Format, a compressed document which can be downloaded form the web or sent by email. Hi Resolution Pdfs can be sent to print. Low resolution pdfs are for onscreen viewing.
POP3 - Post Office Protocol (version 3). A protocol for sending and receiving email - a seeting when you set up your email account in Outlook, Mail or Entourage.
Protocol - A' language' computers use to communicate with each other.


RSS Feeds - Frequently published news feeds on a web page.
Referrals - Personal introductions to businesses who require your services.

Saturday Nights - Officially Party Night, a time when Facebook updates should be ignored by all clients and mint associates.
Screen Resolution - 72dpi (dots per inch) all images to be viewed on a screen or via the web should be set to this resolution to keep file size to a minimum.
Search Engine Marketing - Marketing techniques to help page ranking in the search engines, a mixture of pay per click or organic campaigns.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)- Increasing the page ranking of websites within the major search engines.
Secure Website - A site on the internet that is safe to buy things from. A secure padlock should appear in t he browser if it is a safe website.
Social Networking - Websites helping you stay in touch with people and friends, and promoting your business in a friendly, socialable way. Includes: Facebook, Twitter, Friends Reunited, You Tube Flickr, My Space
Software - The programs that run on a computer, also known as applications.
Spam - Email sent without the permission of the person who receives it.
Spam Filter - Sifting software on the server which should assassinate most of that junk mail.
Speed Networking - 30-60 slots allocated at networking events for you to explain to as many people as possible about your business.
Spot UV – a shiny finish, which can be applied to printed documents, usually used to embellish photographs or define shapes.
Squeeze Pages - Web pages containing optimised text and key words created specifically to drive more traffic to your website.

Telesales - Telephone based marketing to introduce a business and generate appointments.
Tweet - A 120 character post on Twitter to keep you up to date with all our goings on @mintycreative
Twitter - Another incredibly addictive and powerful piece of social media marketing at it's best.

Update - software that fixes a problem or omission.
Upgrade - Improved software with new features and benefits.
Upload - adding images and text to a website or transferring data from one PC to a network.
URL - Uniform Resource Locator. An address used to find something on the internet, usually a web page.


Website - A marketing tool, promoting a business or service on the internet providing a 24hr shop or showcase.
WWW - World Wide Web, a way of accessing information over the internet.



Zebras - Not essential for growing your business but if you have one it's very gimmicky.....what else could we put here?